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CVP Precise Positioning System 型录下载 手册下载 教学操作

Coaxial vision integrated camera and laser optical beam path to improve the accuracy of laser marking. When identifying the different parts, as long as the target position can be clearly recognize by the camera, a laser can accurately hit in the same position. After processing is complete, you can still see the results immediately through the camera. Ygnition function to complete lens correction ou also can use the camera's image recowork quickly. This system is particularly suitable for applications in the field of electronic components such as IC component can not rely on human visual positioning and other requires high-precision machining.

 Automatic complete lens correction quickly

 Significantly reduce the equipment space of visual positioning marking system
 Real-time monitoring
 Where camera sees where laser marks
 Suitable for micromachining

 Laser marking
 laser welding

 laser cutting
 visual marking