NMC Embedded Laser Marking
   NMC-S marking control
   NMC-S Specialized version
for cables
  Marking software and boards
   MarkingMate Software
   MC3 laser marking board
   PMC2 laser marking board
   UMC4 laser marking board
   502D laser marking board
   502P laser marking board
   3D Marking
   Coaxial Visual Positioning
   CVP Precise Positioning
  MC3 stand-alone marking
  High-speed Laser Scan Head
   10 aperture-A
   10 aperture
   12 aperture
   16 aperture
   20 aperture
  Scan Lens
  Beam Expander
  Laser Accesories
   CO2 Laser
   End-pump Laser
   Lifting Table
   Hi-speed Encoder
  High Speed Conveyor Controller
  KINGYU Laser Controller

Providing"embedded"and "andheld" two types, they can perform all laser marking operations completely without PC. Moreover, the selectable operation interface can be divided into general static marking and on-the-fly marking two modes to facilitate operation


Support variety of marking boards, satisfying different needs of customers, providing all kinds of marking control functions for secondary development in MarkingMate environment.


Using NetMark marking software, MC3 stand-alone controller can achieve completely stand alone marking, offering three different marking control modes.


With high speed and low drift features, suitable for Fiber, YAG and CO2 laser marking machines.


All lens adopt imported ZnSe materials. On the basis of ensuring marking precision, this scan lens have a longer span life and dramatically reduce the trouble of assembling and debugging.


Selecting the right beam expander must fit the size of scan head aperture. Composed of one convex and one concave lens, appropriate lens diameter, beam expander lower the laser beam loss and machine consumption, to get the most precise marking.


CO2 laser, fiber-EP laser, lifter, encoder and many other accessories.


KINGYU laser controller achieves a variety of laser control modes, users can customize the control mode according to their needs, suitable for lab or industry usages.