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MC3 laser marking board
PMC2 laser marking board
UMC4 laser marking board
502D laser marking board
502P laser marking board

The design concept of MarkingMate laser marking software from the beginning is to enhance the stability, practibility, accuracy, marking efficiency as a breakthrough. With 10 more years application and experience accumulation in laser marking field. MarkingMate laser marking software has now become powerful, intelligent control, easy operation, good versatility and praised by users of the marking field of well-known international brand of software.

 Support many kinds of languages, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Deutsch
     etc. And can be customized in various languages through simple text file modification.

 Support WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8.
 Provide draw menu: dot, line, curve, circle, arc, arc text etc.
 Can set text, 1D/ 2D barcodes and data matrix as auto text.
 Can import a variety of image formats, such as dwg、dxf、AI、plt、bmp、tif、cmp、cal、clp、cur、eps、emf、
     fpx、ico、wmf、psd、png、jpg、 tga、pcx etc.

 Users are allowed to edit the parameters of this subjects: curve, arc, circle, text, baseline text etc.
 Allow users to name, save and load the marking parameters, increasing marking experience.
 Users are allowed to edit the parameters of this object: Digital In, Digital Out, Do Pause, Delay Time, Motion,
     Set Position, Loop, Ring and Homing.

 Support RS232, TCP/ IP parameters
 When a layer object in the Object Browser has being selected, the Property Table will display the layer-related
     property page for uses to edit.

 Compensation for all lens distortion.
 User Level is divided into Operator, Programmer, and Administrator to separate user's authorities.
 Users can set the deviation compensation between align light and laser, allowing to examine the mark position
      is correct or not.

 Support many kinds of marking boards like PMC2, MC3, UMC4, 502D and 502P.
 Support many kinds of lasers, such as Nd-YAG, CO2, FIBER (IPG\ SPI).

 Don't need an extra motion card.
 Different positioning division modes can be defined for different layers.
 Support users to define the start angle for a layer.
 All the objects in one layer can be divided automatically depending on the acceptable area users set.
 Angle start and angle step of each character can be divided singly according to the setting of Literal String.

 Don't need an extra motion card.
 Enable users to define the start position of one layer.
 Users can define several positions in one layer repeatedly.

 As long as input the speed of pipelining, can perform flight marking.
 Through the encoder, dynamic detection pipelining speed.

 This function is mainly because the picture is too large or have special needs, assist customers drawing
     partition processing.

 Each object is to define the different focal length on the flow rate.
 Applied in large area marking without f-theta lens, make every spot of marking area at right focusing.

 Broaden the working area through using two lens systems.
 Allow to mark one object at the same time even the object located on different work area.
 Optimize the marking route for across-area object.

 The multi-system operation to provide customers simultaneously open multiple operating window, easy to control
     more than one laser control card, which will help the diverse needs of customers.

 The multi-system operation to break a single system requirements, simply turn on a computer multiple operating
     window, respectively, to control the laser control card, they can also produce the various needs of the work piece.

 Through the power meter of the measurement, executive power output compensation, let the output power,
     not because the laser tube change, forever output specified output power.

 By industrial cameras with the computer vision positioning software to enhance the accuracy of positioning to
     facilitate precision machining.

 In addition to the basic function of positioning, also can use two cameras positioned at the same time,set of
     multi-station, and support chart divided functions.

Accurate laser engraving, laser coding, food processing, pharmaceutical and cosmetic, automation industrial etc.